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Huai'an Accelerates Construction of Jianghuai Ecological Corridor

Huai'an of Jiangsu province has carried out substantial efforts to build the Jianghuai Ecological Corridor in recent years, according to Jiangsu media on September 15.
The reclamation project within 3 kilometers of the Hongze Lake and Baima Lake is progressing smoothly, and the riverside scenery belt and ecological forest are taking shape. The shutdown and relocation of outdated production capacity along the corridor, such as chemical industry, printing and dyeing and electroplating, as well as the removal of chemical industry and printing and dyeing industry to industrial parks is underway, and chemical enterprises within 1 kilometer of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal (eastern line of the South-to-North Water Diversion project) will all be shut down or relocated by the end of 2018.
Twenty-three sewage treatment plants have been built or renovated, and pollution sources by lakes and rivers in the protection zone, such as gravel plant, small shipyard and poultry farm, have been well regulated. The accelerated implementation of those eco-protection projects demonstrates Huai'an's resolve for and efficiency in building the Jianghuai Ecological Corridor.