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Huai’an Women’s Hockey Team Prepares for Provincial Games

Members of the Huai’an women’s hockey team start training at 4 pm everyday even as the recent outdoor temperature remains at about 35℃.

To prepare for the 19th Jiangsu Provincial Games to be held in Yangzhou in 2018, these players, with their average age below 14, have been spending most of their time playing hockey every day.

Tang Wenjing, who joined the team in 2014 when she was 11 years old, is now known for her fast movements and aggressiveness as she earnestly practices her hockey skills on the rink, becoming one of the most favorable players in the eyes of the team’s coach Kong Qingjie.

Hockey is a game that takes a lot of energy to play. At the recent high temperature, Tang and her teammates usually bring one-liter bottles for water for training each day. According to Kong’s statistics, all 10 team members can consume a total of 60 to 80 liters of water everyday. “Although we drink such large amount of water, the amounts of water will soon come out from our body as sweat,” said Tang. “I can now understand the saying of using sweat in exchange of gold medals.”

With intensive training for three years, Tang said that her goal is to obtain a gold medal in the upcoming provincial games.