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Huai’an to Promote Scientific & Technological Innovation

A meeting on promoting Huai’an city’s scientific and technological innovation was held on April 11.

It is necessary for Huai’an to rely on scientific and technological innovation to seize the top places among cities in northern Jiangsu, said Yao Xiaodong, secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Huai’an municipal Committee. It is also a prerequisite for Huai'an to become a national-level innovative city by 2020.

To put Huai'an on the path of innovation with regional characteristics, the city should make full use of internal and external resources, and introduce and integrate innovative resources, he said.

Yao expressed that Huai’an will strive to cultivate a batch of leading hi-tech enterprises with high-end products, and foster an array of small companies with strong capacity. He called on the city to make breakthrough in cultivating such enterprises as soon as possible.

Huai’an should also promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements in a standard and orderly manner, so as to facilitate the integration between the market demand and the scientific and technological innovation, Yao added.