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Exhibition to Commemorate Premier Zhou Enlai
Preparation for an exhibition on the legacy of the late Premier Zhou Enlai is almost complete in his hometown of Huai’an ity, East China’s Jiangsu Province, with efforts now focused on installation and preliminary testing.
The exhibition named “People’s Premier Zhou Enlai” has five sections spanning his early education up to activities in the revolution and post-war construction. They present the glorious life, noble character and great spirit of Zhou, who was born in 1898.
To mark the 120th anniversary of Zhou’s birth, about 70 percent of objects and 60 percent of literature will be showcased to the public for the first time in the exhibition. Many images and relics are highly valuable as they were provided by family members and those who worked with Premier Zhou.
Visitors will have fresh and new experiences through the latest technology used in the exhibition including an immersive theatre, holographic imaging and touch-control displaying.