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Huai’an Jinhua Beijing-Hangzhou Travel Services Co, Ltd, is a modern enterprise and a stock-holding company and also the first travel agency in due form in Huai’an. It has handed in sufficient travel quality security money. We are in possession of high-qualified and veteran administers and a guide troop with warm service and conscientious work. Pursuing the principle of tourist supremacy and security first and the tenet of regarding guest as god, quality as life, laying stress on reputation to seek development; we develop tourism of northern Jiangsu basing on Huai’an. Our agency acts for airline and train ticket affairs and transacts collective and individual tour, also guide and booking rooms. Besides, we also take on the affairs such as summer or winter camp, meeting, recuperation and recreation, etc.

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Address: No.97 Huaihai Road West, Huai’an Jiangsu

Tel: 0517—3931641

Fax: 0517—3912223

One of External Relations Department: 0517—3906638Sun Jianfei, Wang Xiangyang,

Zhu Yan and Liu Xiaopin

Two of External Relations Department: 0517—3598199 Liu Haiyan, Wang Shangping, Wang Qin, Sun Guojun, and Xu Yelin

Planning Department: 0517—3919223(Fax)