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Huai’an China Youth Travel Service
       Huai’an China Youth Travel Service Ltd. is a tourist enterprise created by Jiangsu Huai’an Transportation Group Ltd. and Huai’an City League and Party Committee, controlling external sales department like travel business department, ticket affair department, business center and so on.. Travel business department take up organizing and receiving Chinese citizens traveling and sightseeing, spending holidays, business survey, and undertaking business discussion of every branches of trade. Besides these, our company also does the business in booking houses in different places, renting buses, consulting about the information of traveling abroad and so on. We connect with every traveling city and main travel services all over the world scattered by computer net working, realizing that don’t be worried about traveling alone in other cities. Ticket affair department sells on the spot tickets for any train of Shanghai or Jinan Railway Station, the same as tickets for flight. The business center hires work of typing, copying, making of business cards, any kinds of certifications, and faxes and so on.
     Our company is a Travel Service of credit in Jiangsu Province, the unit of first travel service developing educational travel, recommended by Jiangsu travel bureau. We were once awarded with the name of “best travel service of the city”. We Huai’an China Youth Travel Service Ltd. are based on the spirit of working with the whole heart honestly and faithfully, owning the tenet of “guest first, service best’, to provide quick and convenient service in good faith.
     The representative products of our travel lines are as the following: four days double flight to Zhangjiajie, seven days double flight for sleeping in lie to Beijing, five days double flight to Hainan, seven days double flight for sleeping in lie to Guilin, five days double ship to Lushan, five days double flight for sleeping in lie to Wuyi Mount, travel to the Silk Road in Dunhuang in Xinjiang, five days double flight to prairie of the Inner Mongolia, weekends travel to Laoshan in Qingdao, one day coast travel to Liangyungang, one day travel to Xuyi and so on. Thank you for your consultation.
Address: the ticket office of Huai’an long-distance bus station
Tele: 0517—3945577  0517—3934352  0517—3948401(for tickets)