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Huai’an Spring and Autumn Travel Service
Huai’an Spring and Autumn Travel Service Ltd. is established by sanction of Huai’an travel bureau, entering to the register of the city administration for industry and commerce. It is an interior joint venture tourist business of stock-holding system, owning independent corporate capacity and handing in ample resources for quality assurance of the tour.
Our company has a group of excellent cadremen mastering in tourism business and many seasonably professional cicerones. We organize Chinese citizens’ interior tour, receive the tour group of Huai’an and scattered tourists, carry on varieties of tourism activities of special topics, and also supply with consultation of tour and investment information..
Huai’an Spring and Autumn Travel Service Ltd. has the tenet of “for the guests, credit best, charge reasonable, and quality first.”, combining advanced managerial system and operating concept, supplying tourism inside and outside with best services, developing with other tour companies hand in hand and creating splendors together. 
Address: No.70 Huaihai Road North, Huai’an City Jiangsu Province (inside of Kunlun Restaurant)
Tel: 0517-3650666、0517-3657666
Fax: 0517-3657666