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Qingyan Garden
Qingyan Garden is a classic garden and originally the back garden of Hedao governor’s mansion house in Qing Dynasty. After the founding of the new People’s Republic of China, this garden was gradually expanded and then embraced Huanyi Villa and Xiguan Lord Temple nearby. In 1983, the municipal people’s government set a specific fund for a large scale of restoration and reconstruction and named it Qingyan Garden which means "clear river and peaceful sea". Now the Qingyan Garden is brand new. Entering the gate, there is the new padded rockery, of peaks rising one higher than another which is quite interesting. Side of the gate is "Jiayuan Hall"; going around the rockery, there is "Imperial Stele Pavilion" on the right, including imperial steles for the emperors of Kangxi, Qianlong, Daoguang, etc, in praise of all of the governors of great achievements. Along the western side is shining lotus pool cycled by green trees; in the middle of the pool stands the "Zhan Pavilion" with antique flavors; north of the pool is the Hefang Academy with the original styles and features. Outside the veranda and in the pool are Qingyan boats.
Recycling the stone arched bridge is Rambling Rose Garden. In this garden there are booming rambling roses and the fragrance of orange osmanths penetrating everywhere. Nearby the river is Hewang Pavilion (Xiegong Tower). In west of the river stands an artificial yellow stone hill. Up and down the hill is decorated with green trees and red flowers, which make people, not want to leave. In the semi-hill there is a pavilion taking the meanings of Li Bai’s poetry named "Quegu Pavilion".
In the south is the former residence of Huanyi Villa connected with twisting bridge over the clean water. Lotus full of the pool with heads lower down and smiles seem to welcome tourists. Lane along the riverside is randomly and orderly seated by pavilions, houses, corridors and hills that are clear and elegant.
In the west there is a newly opened "Leaf Garden", named in memory of marshal Ye Ting. The newly finished construction imitating the classic styles is elegant, beautiful and brilliant. In the northwest is the Xiguan Lord Temple, with high wall for protection and in the hall there is a huge statue of Guan Yu sitting there reading the book "Spring and Autumn Annals".
In the park there is a garden for planting flowers; there are famous flowers in full blossom in the four seasons, delicate and charming.
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