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Former Residence of Zhou Xinfang
Zhou Xinfang, whose name is Shichu and style name is Xinfang, was born in a poor family of Beijing opera located at Nanmenhong Bridge of Qingjiangpu (today’s Huancheng Resident Committee of Zhakou Office in Qingpu District) in Huai’an, Jiangsu on Jan. 14th, 1895. Zhou Xinfang studied Beijing opera at six, and gave performance at seven, so he was called “Qilingtong”, which means a seven-year old child. Later this name was changed into “Qilintong” in Shanghai, since then, this name became renowned in both China and foreign opera cycles for half a century because of Zhou Xinfang’s outstanding achievement, profound art accomplishment and gracious personality, and Zhou was known as “the founder of Qi-style Beijing opera”.
Address: Nanmenhong Bridge of Qingjiangpu
Ticket Price: Free