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Zhenhuai Tower
It is located in Huai'an District of Huai’an City, front door of the official bureau of water transportation. Seen from outside, it is quite magnificent, and originally it was the tower style building kept perfectly in the zone of north of Jiangsu Province. Started in Northern Song Dynasty, it was a restaurant managed by army and government office, then changed into a drum-tower since Ming Dynasty, where there was a bronze pot water clock used for reporting time, and thus it is also known as a watch tower.
Under the Zhenhuai Tower is an arc pylon which was a key road for vehicles and horses during Ming and Qing Dynasty. Due to the flood of Huaihe River intruded by the Yellow River, people often suffered miserably; in addition, sitting in the front door of the official bureau of water transportation, this tower was changed its name into "Zhenhuai Tower", which means to keep down the water of Huai River.
The western and eastern sides of this tower are steps paved by stones and provided for several persons going upstairs side by side. Ascending the tower, there are 20 red columns as thick as large bowl supporting larmier and arc. The four angles on top of this tower are caved with heads of dragons, which are angrily opening their mouths and their big and round eyes and are quite imposing. The edge of the corridor is decorated with figures of lions, tigers, Chinese unicorns, phoenix and flowers, birds, insects and fishes, which all mean felicities, good fortunes, happiness and longevity. Doors, windows and partition boards are all made of woods and carefully carved. The whole building is firm, simple and vigorous with excellent structure and a lot of national characteristics. The upstairs of the tower now has been selected as the "exhibition hall of historic relics".   
Zhenhuai Tower now is the symbol of ancient city of Huai’an.
Address: No.1, Zhenhuai Tower East Road.
Tel: 85912991
Ticket Price: 10 yuan