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Huai'an Yamen
Huai'an District was Shanyang County from East Jin Dynasty till Qing Dynasty. It was the government place for county, state, prefectural city in ancient dynasties. Huai’an Yamen was a third-grade government office in history, and it governed nine counties and two states. According to historical records, the existing "Huai’an Yamen" was reconstructed on the basis of Yitan Wanhu Mansion and Wutong Temple of Yuan Dynasty by Yao Bin, a district magistrate of Ming Dynasty in 1370. The yamen contains over 50 houses and more than 600 rooms. Later some accessory houses were destroyed, but the Big Court and 2nd Court are maintained completely, the Big Court is the bigger one in two existing complete courts of yamens in China.
In 2004, Chuzhou Government repaired the Big Court and 2nd Court under guidance of experts of state, provincial and municipal levels. In 2008, authority offices of six sections, gate of official mansion and Jieshi Archway were also renovated.
Now Huai’an Yamen occupies an area of more than 12,000 square meters, its architectures are .simple, unsophisticated and splendid, and court trial scenery in ancient times is reproduced by means of modern measures and performances, exhibiting ancient official court culture with abundant content. It has become a scenic spot for studying and viewing ancient governmental office.
Tel: 0517-85131181
Ticket price: 40 yuan
Transport: No.69 Bus
Open time: 8:30 – 17:30
Address: North side of Caoyun Plaza, Huai'an District, Huai’an