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The Bronze Square of Zhou Enlai
In the northern side of the auxiliary hall of Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall is a plaza occupying an area of 2000 m2, where standing a bronze statue of Zhou Enlai; center of the northern side of the plaza stands a bronze statue of Zhou Enlai of standing posture. The bronze statue is oriented south and north, and the base of it is faced with granite, 3.4 meters high; front face of the base is carved with five gold-plated words "comrade Zhou Enlai", which is inscribed by Jiang Zemin. The standing bronze statue is 4.2 meters high, in Chinese tunic suit, smiling on face with arms akimbo; the full image and vivid and fine look are taken from the instant behavior of Zhou Enlai when talking with people kindly at the end of 50th and the start of 60th; it reflects the modest and approachable look of a generation of a great man and highlights the wisdom of a great politician.
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