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Chuxiu Garden
It is located in south of the old city of Huaiyin, known as "Southern Garden" in the old days. In Ming Dynasty the emperor Wuzong came here to make his rounds and go boating and fishing in the stagnant pool, where the boat was capsized and drowned, so the pool is called "Yuelong Pool". In the time of Chongzheng, Xunan censor Wang Xie (another name taken at the age of twenty, Lei Chen) once trained the navy; so the river in this garden is also named "Lei Lake". In ancient times there were "eight landscapes of Lei Lake": pines and catalpas covering with snow, peach trees and willows of Spring, sound of reading in villas, gaily-painted pleasure-boat singing on the board, riversides in fishing district, setting sun and grazing flutes, half moon and culvert and hills, and overlooking thousands of sails.
This garden was built after the 50th of the twentieth century, the overall area is 48 hectares, and the water area is over 360 mu (a unit of area, =0.0667 hectares). Due to the beautiful and spacious river, this garden is called "Chuxiu". Between the nine hills and ridges there are four parts of lake, Li, Xi, Lei, Nan. Yuwang Terrace stands on high mountains; the imperial stele pavilion of emperor Qianglong’s verse as an oasis shaded by foliages; still there is rose garden, zoo and botanical garden, each of which has their special scenery.
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