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The First Mountain Scenic Spot
Xuyi County is near the Huaihe River, surrounded on three sides by mountains, which are tier upon tier by Baoji Mountain, Douli Mountain, Heaven Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Breeze Mountain, Shanggui Mountain, Cishi Mountain, Qijia Mountain and they wind an arc. The First Mountain, located in the center position, seems as a moon cycled by lots of stars; they are clear and finely divided and highlight the landscape of the lake and mountains.
The First Mountain has inscriptions of many scholars, which has high artistic values. Go upstairs from the foot of the mountain, there is a spring of bubbling water; alongside the mountain built a spring pavilion and inside the pavilion and against the mountain carve a head of dragon, whose mouth is spitting out spring water. Beside this pavilion there is a high cliff carved with characters "Glass Spring".
Turning around the mountain road and the upward is the Xiu Rock. The Xiu Rock is a place concentrating the inscriptions, regular script, cursive script and seal characters. The four calligraphers in Song Dynasty, Su Shi, Huang Tingli, Mi Fu, and Cai Xiang left their authentic works there.
It is recorded that there are 162 sites of inscriptions in the district of the First Mountain and now there are 74 sites of inscriptions in the high cliff (in which 46 sites of Song Dynasty), and 35 sites of inscriptions on the stele, which are almost on the Xiu Cliff and Rui Cliff. On the mountain the Kuixing Pavilion is newly repaired as the place for tourists to have a rest.