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Laozi Mountain
As a renowned mountain of Taoism, Laozi Mountain, located on the south shore of Hongze Lake, is particularly famous for its beautiful sceneries. Laozi Mountain once had plenty of scenic spots, but most of them were ruined by flames of wars with two exceptions, Celestial Beings Cave and Phoenix Pier. The 300,000-mu( about 2,000 hectare) water field was abundant with natural resources, such as various kinds of fishes, crayfishes, crabs, turtles, mussels, water chestnut, lotus root, lotus seed and bulrush.
Due to its important location for waterway transportation, Laozi Mountain used to be a prosperous commerce complex, attracting merchants from all places during the ancient times. However, years of wars had made water transportation decline, but there are still a great amount of historic sites left here.