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Baxiantai Scenic Spot
Located in the southwest of Mudian township, Xuyi County, Baxiantai Scenic Spot is 17km from the county seat of Xuyi and covers 10.1 square kilometers of area, including 3 square kilometers of water area.It is a national scenic spot of AA level.
According to legend, eight immortals passed this mountain. As the mountain was densely covered with forest and tranquil, they decided to stay here and cultivate themselves. Later on, people called this mountain "Baxianshan" (literally Eight Immortals Mountain") and the platform where the eight immortals cultivated themselves was called "Baxiantai" (literally "eight immortals platform").
History records, Mu Guiying, a heroine in the Song Dynasty ever garrisoned her troops in this mountain, so the place got the name of "Mudian." In this scenic spot, mountains, waters, forests, springs, rocks and caves are in a great harmony. There is water in mountains and islands in water. The scenery is unique.