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Tieshan Temple Forest Park
Jiangsu Tieshan Temple Nature Reserve (Tieshan Temple Forest Park), the best-protected and largest wild animals’ kingdom in Jiangsu Province, is located on the boundary between Jiangsu and Anhui; it is 45 kilometers far away from Xuyi County. It contains Tianquan Lake, which is amazingly pure and covers an area of 21 square kilometers; the lake creates a unique climate in the area.
Besides, more than 40 categories of animals live here, including over 170 kinds of birds, and there are over 280 kinds of higher plants and 800 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines here, most of them are special categories in the boundary area between the North and the South, and they form a natural gene bank of animals and plants.
There are also mountains, forest, springs, lakes, stones, and caves in the area, which create excellent natural sceneries. Tieshan Temple, built during Song Dynasty and ruined in war, is repaired and observation base of Purple Mountain Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences has been set up in the area.
Tieshan Temple Forest Park is an outstanding place for ecological sightseeing, astronomical science popularization, wild delicacies and vacation.
Address: Jiangsu Tieshan Temple Nature Reserve, Wangdian Town, Xuyi County
Tel: 0517-8762809, 8761588, 8762808
Level: State AAAA Level Tourism Scenic Spot
Ticket Price: free