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Huai’an Travel Service
Huai’an Travel Service, directly under Huai’an Travel Bureau and founded in 1992, is an early-established travel agency. There are 18 employees and 13 guides registered now available with inferior organization aerial ticket center. The agency is engaged in organizing exploration and tour for units and individuals, arranging the schedules for the tourists visiting Huai’an from other places, and also preselling international and national airline tickets, selling train tickets starting from Xuzhou and Nanjing on the spot. With powerful strength and good reputation, our agency is the best travel agency of Huai’an in1999, 2000, 2001 and a faithful agency of Jiangsu in 2001.
Our agency has been pursuing the principle of quality first and customer supremacy to feedback all guests.
We solemnly promise: we will try our best to do the things others cannot do, we will try our best to do it.
Contact us:
Legal representative: Xu.Mingzhao
Address: No.121 Huaihai Road North, Huai’an (Room 107 on the first floor of Travel Bureau building)
Hot line: 0517—3292279 13915108968
Fax: 0517—3754211
Contact: Xuan.Haifeng       3021812     13625150026