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Huai’an Oriental Travel Service
       Huai’an Oriental Travel Service founded in May 2000, a joint –stock company run in modern tourism business institution. We own a group of excellent managers and cicerones of higher educational level, closely combined on Internet with civil aviation, vehicles, ships, hotels and so on. We are broker agents for selling tickets of trains and planes, sending free inside the city. In the tour reception, we follow the tenet of “praise making, credit defending, position getting and safety attaining”
    Our travel service successfully held the Summer Camp of Beijing Technology in July, 2001. After this, we again held a Summer Camp of Beijing Technology and Culture and the Summer Camp of Qingdao, Taishan, the Famous Mountain and Sea 
Address: No.191 Beijing Road East, Huai’an
License: L—JS—GN09013
Tel: 0517-4913000
Hot-line: 0517—3282496(twenty-four hours)