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Huai'an Rice Starts Branding Strategy
Rice Huai'an locally produced has been the leading agricultural product of the city in Jiangsu Province. Over recent years, Huai'an has developed and upgraded its rice industry through nurturing fine seed strain, building good bases, forming industrial alliance and actively exploiting the market.
The Huai'an Rice Industrial Alliance Co., Ltd. was established by three enterprises including the Jiangsu Hangn Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. in January 2017. The company has set up a series of technical regulations to promote the standardized production of the branded agricultural products. According to a third-party evaluation, Huai'an rice as a brand is worth over 3.86 billion yuan (0.6 billion US dollars).
Huai'an has built 500,000 mu (33,333 hectares) of quality rice production bases and developed a batch of improved seed strains, further enhancing the rice quality.
The Huai'an Rice Industrial Alliance, as a major player to actively promote Huai'an rice to the market, now consists of 29 companies specialized in rice cultivation, raising seedlings, storage, rice processing and marketing. They can yield 760,000 tons of Huai'an rice per year and bring an income of 300 million yuan to farmers.