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Huai'an Boost Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
As the 18th World Intellectual Property Day falls on April 26, the Huai'an Intermediate People's Court recently announced its progress in protecting and interpreting intellectual property rights cases.
Since 2017, the court has strengthened civil trials of cases concerning intellectual property rights, strictly protected intellectual property rights, and provided rights holders with adequate judicial remedies. A total of 74 new intellectual property civil cases were filed in 2017. The court concluded 85 such cases, among which 71 were closed after being mediated or withdrawn, a rate of 83.5 percent, with the amount of compensation higher than in previous years.
The court combined punishment with leniency in accordance with law in dealing with criminal cases, using various criminal sanctions to punish and deter violations of intellectual property rights, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of rights holders. In 2017, it accepted 13 new criminal cases concerning intellectual property rights and closed 14 cases.