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Overseas Investment of Huai'an Gets off to a Good Start
Jiangsu media reported on April 12 that, Huai'an City added 5 investment projects in overseas in the first quarter, of which the Chinese investment amounted to 54.92 million US dollars, an increase of 10 times compared to the same period in 2017, enabling the city to rank first among cities in Jiangsu Province.
Firstly, investment in countries along the "One Belt and One Road" initiative made a rapid progress. In the first three months, Huai'an added 2 new investment projects in Vietnam, Bangladesh and other countries along the initiative, which reached 42.24 million US dollars and accounted for 76 percent of the total investment.
Secondly, the projects that increased their capital have obvious influence on overseas investment. In January-March, Huai'an newly approved two projects with capital increase, with an accumulated amount of 8.17295 million US dollars, accounting for 15 percent of the city's overseas investment.
Thirdly, the international production capacity cooperation is in good shape. In the first quarter, there were 3 overseas projects in the textile, metal and plastic products industries, with the Chinese investment at 42.8125 million US dollars.