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Huai'an Drafts National Social Insurance Standard

The Social Security Premiums Management Center at the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Huai'an was the main drafter behind a newly released national standard - Norms for Social Insurance Registration Services.
The work to compile the national norms started in May 2015, when the Social Security Premiums Management Center was mainly responsible for providing the draft version to be promoted across the country.
"For a long time, Huai'an City has made solid progress in social insurance registration services so it earned the opportunity to draft the national standard," said Wang Yongfeng, who is the center's director and was personally involved in the process.
Since 2009, Huai'an has actively levied the social insurance funds through multiple methods, collecting an accumulated 15.57 billion yuan (2.47 billion US dollars) in social insurance premiums, ensuring the payment of all types of social insurance such as in medical claims, pensions, subsidies and maternity costs.
The Norms for Social Insurance Registration Service means unified administration and standard operation of registering the social insurance across the country, making it easier for the insured to be registered and access benefits.