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Internet Stars Impressed with Changes of Huai'an

Participants to a media tour named ‘Jiangsu in Eyes of Cyber Stars’ visited Huai'an City on March 27.
At the first stop, Zhou Enlai Memorial, participants used their cameras to record the changes in Huai'an City, the hometown of the late Premier Zhou, and also expressed their remembrance.

Later, they visited the Huai'an production base of CCGrass, the world’s largest manufacturer of artificial grass. CCGrass has its products sold all over the world and takes a global lead in sales. For the key to success, CCGrass vice-president Chen Jingui said a breakthrough technology helps win a bigger say over the market.

In the afternoon, the participants were strongly attracted by the powerful mechanical arms in the workshop at the Huai'an Aluminum Business Unit of MINTH Group. As a leading branch of the group’s aluminum business, the unit is dedicated to providing advanced research and production of aluminum components at the largest scale, providing material supply to the group’s global development.
At the Grand Canal Museum in Huai'an, visitors were deeply impressed by the enormous changes in the city, once known as the capital of the historical waterway linking Hangzhou and Beijing. The Huai'an section of the canal boasts rich heritages. The city has vowed to make the utmost effort to offer more experiences and solutions to the preservation, inheriting and development of the Grand Canal.