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Huaiyang Cuisine Top Seminar Held in Huai'an
The "Belt and Road" Huaiyang Cuisine International High-end Seminar was held in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, Sept. 9.
In the seminar, guests from more than 20 countries will spend 4 days focusing on Huaiyang food and culture.
Huai'an, the main birthplace of Huaiyang Cuisine, was awarded the title of "Hometown of Huaiyang Cuisine" by the China Cuisine Association in 2002.
Yao Xiaodong, secretary of the CPC Huai'an Committee, said that Huai'an launched the effort to become the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the gastronomy category in April 2017, hoping to further promote and develop Huaiyang Cuisine and share the distinctive Chinese flavors with the world.
Huai'an is rich in resources and an important grain base and processing base for agricultural products. Based on traditional dishes, Huai'an has launched full-scale banquets featuring the freshwater products and the Hongze Lake crabs in recent years, as new supplements to the Huaiyang Cuisine.
In 2016, the "All- eel Huai’an Banquet," with 108 dishes made using eel in different cooking ways, and "Huaibang List," with 190 dishes, were recognized as intangible cultural heritages in Jiangsu Province in 2016.