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Huai'an Establishes Salinization New Material Industrial Technology Cooperative Innovation Alliance
Recently, the establishment conference of Salinization New Material Industrial Technology Cooperative Innovation Alliance was held in Huai'an. More than 120 people from Huai'an Science and Technology Bureau, Huai'an Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the scientific and educational industry office of Huai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, Suhuai High-Tech Zone, Huai'an (Xuexing) Circular Economy Industrial Park, research and development institutions, colleges and universities and allied units attended the conference.
Under the background of developing the new material industry of salinization and excavated soil, the establishment of the salinization new material alliance is of great significance for promoting the in-depth cooperation among enterprises, universities and research institutes on the key and common technologies of salinization new materials. The alliance will establish the operation mechanism of sharing interests and responsibilities and efficient and orderly management rules, so as to realize the practical operation of the alliance.