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Huai'an Launches First Platform to Support Public Interest Litigation
The first online reporting platform for public interest litigation in Huai'an City kicked off on the morning of Aug.3, when observers responsible for monitoring harms to the public interest were also appointed.
The platform consists of four sections - public interest lawsuit cases, public interest lawsuit knowledge, public interest lawsuit news, and reporting an offence. The platform allows users to upload pictures and information with automatic positioning function, making it easy for the procuratorial organs to investigate and deal with the incident.
To guide and encourage the public to actively participate in the initiative and offer tip-offs, observers and report reward systems are established in the city. As the first batch of observers, 20 people are selected from People's Congress deputies, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference members, people supervisors, personnel with specialized knowledgeand media workers. They received the appointment certificates at the platform's launching ceremony.