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Smart Canteen An Easy Solution to Group Meal
New technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and big data are changing traditional canteens. From June 27 to 28, the 2018 Jiangsu Group Meal Development Conference was held in Huai'an, attracting many business leaders of food companies in the province to discuss the development of the industry.
Group meal service means food service for companies and schools, nutritious meal program for elementary and middle school students, as well as fast food for high-speed train and air passengers.
The group meal industry in Jiangsu has been undergoing integration, with the supply chain, the construction of the centralized kitchen and food manufacturing base connected to industries including agriculture, food processing, tableware disinfection, Internet of Things, and hot and cold chain distribution. As of the end of 2017, the province had built 780 centralized kitchens, and information technology had been increasingly applied in the group catering industry.
On the sideline of the conference, some companies have showcased their latest products and technologies, including a smart canteen. After customers use the smart-tableware with built-in chips to select the dishes, they can place the plates on the smart dining table and know the details of the dishes, price, and nutrient content promptly. Customers can also use the facial recognition payment system.
Staff members said the smart canteen project is particularly suitable for places where there are many diners. The project has now been applied in nearly 200 institutes such as Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.