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Huai'an Home to Asia's Largest Moth Orchid Production Center
Walking into the 80,000-square-meter greenhouse at Huai'an Huangda Flower, built at a high standard, is like stepping into an ocean of moth orchids.
"This is Asia's largest moth orchid production base,” said a staff member. “The products are mainly exported to Japan and South Korea."
Moth orchid from Thailand has 17 percent of the flower market in Japan and Huangda itself takes up about 23 percent of that, with the market share in Japan exceeding the whole of Thailand.
The base has strict requirements for the cultivation environment of moth orchids. The temperature of the greenhouse is maintained at 20°C all year round. The time of daylight is strictly controlled at 4 to 6 hours per day. A dedicated pure water plant supplies water to the greenhouse. A series of strict operating standards have ensured the quality of the moth orchids, making them popular in the market. At present, the company's annual sales volume reaches 120 million yuan, with annual exports generating revenues of 15 million US dollars. It creates job opportunities for more than 200 local farmers.
Besides being the largest moth orchid production base in Asia, Huai'an Huangda Flower is also China's largest exporter of the exotic flower and has also put in production an orchid oil extraction plant. After an orchid science and technology park covering 43,000 square meters becomes operational, the annual output of flowers will double, and the company is expected to become the world's largest moth orchid production base.