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Huai'an Issues White Paper of Economic and Social Development and Blue Book
On June 6, Huai'an municipal government held a press conference on White Paper of Economic and Social Development (2017) and Blue Book of Characteristic Industrial Development of "4+3" Service Industry (2017).
White Paper of Economic and Social Development (2017) objectively records the economic and social development in Huai'an in 2017 and the objectives and important measures in 2018, accurately describes the present situation and the trend of the city's development, and reflects the progress of the reform and development of Huai'an. The book is divided into twelve parts, including the basic situation, macro economy, regional economy, industrial economy, modern service industry, modern agriculture and rural economy, social undertakings, infrastructure construction, ecological civilization, reform and opening up, key projects and the auditing, and new words and key indicators. Each part contains several chapters, including natural conditions, resources, the basic situation of the city, the main economic indicators, agriculture, industry, modern service industry, people's life, opening to the outside world, investment in fixed assets, domestic trade, education and sports, population and talents, science and technology, culture, healthcare and family planning, social welfare, etc.
Blue Book of Characteristic Industrial Development of "4+3" Service Industry (2017) is divided into three chapters, which are the general development situation of service industry in Huai'an in 2017 and the environment analysis of characteristic industrial development in Huai'an in 2018, and the key tasks and specific measures. Blue Book has great guiding significance for Huai'an in actively implementing the deployment requirements of the new start and new leap, speeding up the formation of the modern service system with characteristic industries of "4+3" service industry as its main body, focusing on project construction, key areas and carriers and platforms, and promoting the leaping development of characteristic industries of modern service industry.