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Crayfish-rice Farming Now a Leading Brand in Xuyi
New brand of agricultural products that are of high quality and visually attractive has continued to emerge in the Huai'an market in recent years, with the "Xuyi Crayfish Rice" a good example.
The brand was produced by Xuyi County's Crayfish Industry Group. Xuyi invited Professor Zhang Hongcheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to set up a workstation to carry out various tasks, such as variety breeding, technology application, and scientific guidance. The workstation also cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture, China Agricultural University, Yangzhou University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangnan University and other universities and research institutes inside and outside the province, launching a series of aquaculture standards that fit water resources and geological conditions in the county.
In the county's first test base for integrated agriculture-aquaculture, where crayfish are raised in rice fields in connected areas spanning over 1,000 mu (66 hectares), local farmers said they produced 100 kilograms of high-quality lobsters and 400 kilograms of ecological rice per mu, which was several times more than the income from growing rice only. Since no pesticides or fertilizers were used, the rice grains were full and sweet, and all the rice harvested in this integrated farming system was sold out.
Liang Sanyuan, Party secretary of Xuyi, said that the county will use the crayfish-rice farming as a powerful starting point for accelerating green development and realizing rural revitalization. Xuyi will strengthen the construction of the industrial chain, make progress in industrial development and chain operation, and strive to reach 800,000 mu in 2020.