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Huaiyin Holds Grand Exhibition of Rich Intangible Heritages
Huaiyin District of Huai'an City presented an exhibition of intangible culture heritages entitled "Great Fun of Four Seasons and Huaiyin Township" on the afternoon of May 25.
The intangible culture heritages from Huaiyin District cover nine categories including national literature, traditional arts, traditional dance, traditional medicine, traditional music, folk art, folk customs, traditional sports and acrobatics. Five items are on the provincial intangible heritage list; 26 projects are listed at the municipal intangible heritage level; and 53 are on the district-level intangible list. Twenty-one artists have been recognized as municipal-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors.
According to Yu Yongfang, Deputy Governor of Huaiyin District, Huaiyin will hold exhibitions to display its achievements in protecting cultural heritages on 2018 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day and also hold competitions on related themes at local public squares and cultural performance halls. The activities are designed to spread knowledge about intangible culture and also to enrich people's spiritual life.