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The General Public Budget Revenue of Huai'an Reaches Nearly 10bn RMB from Jan. to Apr.
According to the financial department of Huai'an, the general public budget revenue in the city reached nearly 10 billion yuan from January to April.
Since this year, in order to reach the requirments that the municipal party committee and the municipal government made, Huai'an financial and tax departments at all levels focused on the targets of finance and tax revenue for the whole year, made positive overall plans and strengthened the collection and management to guarantee the stability of revenue growth. By the end of April, the total revenue of the general public budget in Huai'an was 9.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.1 billion yuan, up 6.5 percent, and a percentage point higher than the average growth rate of the Northern Jiangsu. Tax revenue accounted for 81.6%, 17.1 percentage points higher than a year earlier.