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Huai'an Leaders Participated in Voluntary Tree Planting Activities


On the morning of March 4, Chen Zhichang, Qi Shouyu, Zhang Guoliang and other city leaders came to the western junction part of the Maigaolu Bridge and Binhe Avenue, together with the municipal authorities, cadres of counties and districts and representatives of troops in Huai'an. They participated in the voluntary tree planting activities so as to dress up the ecological canal, build up the green highlands and beatify the homeland of Huai'an.

The city plans to plant 70,000 mu of trees in total this year. The tree planting activities this time cover the east side of the Grand Canal, and the western junction part of Maigaolu Bridge and Binhe Avenue, with an area of about 10,000 square meters, mainly planted with begonias, beech trees, red maples, late cherry trees and so on. Among them, begonias, with their dazzling flowers, have been famous for their elegance and popularity since ancient times. The planting of begonias is also a tribute to the memory of Premier Zhou Enlai, who was very fond of it.