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Huai'an to implement 511 Central City Construction Projects in 2021

Recently, Huai'an Municipal Government issued the 2021 Investment Plan of Central City Construction Projects.

In 2021, 511 central city construction projects will be implemented in Huai'an, with a total investment of RMB 317.5 billion and an annual planned investment of RMB 87.45 billion. The number of projects is 12 less than that in 2020, but the planned investment is RMB 14.89 billion higher.

The projects are divided into seven major categories according to their functions. Firstly, a total of 47 projects in green ecology are on the plan list, the construction of sewage treatment plants, the inspection and restoration of utilities network, the establishment of ecological garden city, with the annual planned investment of RMB 2.63 billion. The second are 22 traffic hub projects including the construction of Nanjing-Huai'an intercity railway, the port area, and national and provincial highways, etc., with an annual planned investment of RMB 6.47 billion. Thirdly, 138 functional improvement projects to be invested with RMB 8.83 billion will be carried out, so as to consolidate the results and make up for the shortcomings of national civilized cities through urban infrastructures. The fourth category is about people's welfare, together with 65 relevant projects in health care, education, sports and culture of RMB 6.63 billion to be invested. Fifthly, 77 urban renewal projects will be put forward, mainly implementing the renovation of shantytowns and old districts, as well as the resettlement of community construction and so on, with RMB 24.78 billion to be invested. Next category is in new infrastructure, which covers 13 construction projects of RMB 760 million investment in smart city, smart parking, 5G network, etc. The last one involves the city's real estate development, mainly implemented by a total of 149 projects to improve people's living environment and conditions, with an annual planned investment of RMB 37.35 billion.