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Huai'an Construction Enterprise Adds Another National Qualification on Its Name Card

 Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Approval on the Qualification of Jiangsu Zhenhuai Construction Group Co., Ltd. as a General Contractor for Complete Foreign Aid Projects, making Zhenhuai the first construction enterprise in Huai'an to be qualified as the general contractor and there are only two construction companies in Jiangsu Province approved with such an honor.

Complete foreign aid projects refer to the aid projects approved by the Ministry of Commerce, using the borrowed funds such as joint venture project funds and preferential loans. Through its organization or guidance at all or part of the stages in construction, installation and trial production, the projects provide the recipients of the aid with complete sets of equipment and engineering facilities for production and living, public services, etc., as well as long-term quality assurance and supporting technical services after completion.

Over the years, Zhenhuai Group has been cultivating the overseas market, focusing on integrated development and mutual benefit with local parties. In 2020, on the basis of implementing the work of epidemic prevention and control, it achieved an overseas turnover of RMB 1.966 billion. The successful approval of the general contractor for complete foreign aid projects is of great significance for the enterprise to further rely on the special qualification, actively integrate into the construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative", promote its international operation and achieve high-quality development.