Huai'an China News and Events
Huai'an Leaders Met with Qin Ronghua, Chairman of Minth Board of Directors

On the morning of February 14, Mayor Chen Zhichang met with Qin Ronghua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Minth Holdings, and Nicholas Morgan, Head of Magna China, so as to renew the friendship between two sides and seek ways for further cooperation.

Chen expressed his warm welcome to Qin Ronghua and Nicholas Morgan, and briefly introduced them the basic information of Huai'an. Chen said that the city has a long history with many well-known figures, superior natural and ecological endowments, and obvious transportation and location advantages. In Jiangsu Province, there are many clusters of Taiwanese capital, featured by "Kunshan in the south and Huai'an in the north", and the Taiwan-founded highland in Huai'an has become its new business card. The city has attached great importance to its development of the manufacturing industry. It regards the new generation of information technology industry, green food industry, new equipment manufacturing industry as its key industries, of which, the industry in new energy vehicles and parts plays an important role. Chen pointed that Chairman Qin is an old friend who always support Huai'an development of Taiwanese investment. Thus, he was awarded as the advisor of Huai'an industrial development at the 15th Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum recently. Mayor Chen was much glad to meet Nicholas Morgan face to face through the matchmaking of Chairman Qin, and hoped that both sides can become good friends and cooperate in related fields in the years to come.

Qin Ronghua said he hoped that through this visit, Magna would have a better understanding of the Taiwan-founded service brands in Huai'an, and that the two sides would seek cooperation and discuss development together.

Nicholas Morgan mentioned that it was his first time to Huai'an, but he was warmly welcomed and totally impressed by its hospitality. Thus he looked much forward to the two sides going hand in hand and having win-win cooperation.