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Remarkable Achievements Made in Huai'an Export Tax Rebate During the 13th Five Year Plan

During the 13th Five Year Plan, Huai'an taxation system has handled a total of 9.253 billion yuan of export tax rebate, an increase of 5.048 billion yuan (120.05%) compared with the 12th Five Year Plan. In 2020, there have been 2291 export enterprises in the city with 672 (41.5%) newly added. Its export volume has reached USD 22.9 billion, USD12.3 billion (116.58%) larger than that of the last period.

During the period, the average time for export enterprises from declaration to tax rebate is 2 working days, 8 working days faster than the one during the "12th". This efficiency improvement mainly benefits from the following two measures: one is to implement paperless declaration of export tax rebate. The paperless declaration rate has achieved 100%. Also, "online processing" of export tax rebate (exemption) has been put forward, such as declaration, certificate processing, examination and approval, and stocks cancelling, effectively facilitating the export enterprises, reducing the cost of taxpayers, and further improving the efficiency of taxation authorities. Another measure is the accelerated progress of tax rebate, which has effectively eased the capital pressure of export enterprises, sped up their capital turnover, helped their resumption of work and production, and further enhanced their competitiveness in the market.