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Huai'an First "Air Link" Business Officially Launched

On the afternoon of December 28, Xiamen Airlines MF888 which carried the imported high-precision instruments arrived at Huai'an Lianshui International Airport from Taipei Taoyuan Airport via Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, marking the first official landing of Huai'an "Air Link" business.

Under the national integration of customs clearance, air cargo is transported to the destination via different airports by means of customs transit. Meanwhile, one-time customs declaration, inspection and release are all implemented, so as to make the procedures simplified, fast and efficient.

The electronic information industry represented by enterprises such as Qingding Precision Electronics, Foxconn and Darfon, is one of the 100-billion-level pillar in Huai'an, with the half of the city's total import and export volume. Due to the rapid upgrading of electronic information products and the urgent demand of their customers, but affected by the epidemic outbreak at the same time, the logistics stability of some enterprises has been seriously challenged this year. Due to the high freight bill and difficulties in booking, the logistics supply chain is facing the double pressure of time and cost.

Therefore, Huai'an Customs has launched the mechanism to clear enterprises' problems by conducting in-depth research on relevant enterprises, accurately grasping their logistics demand, and organizing special teams to tackle key problems. It has strengthened the linkage and docking with port customs as well as A-list airports, and gave full play to the cost advantages of domestic routes of Huai'an Airport. At the same time, through the "Air Link", the stability of logistics supply chain has been guaranteed, together with the cost saved.