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Solid Preparations Made for Snow Removal & Ice Prevention in Winter Huai'an

In order to well handle the emergency of national and provincial trunk highways this winter, Huai'an highway departments have made solid preparations for snow removal and ice prevention.

First, Huai'an has paid close attention to the weather forecast, strengthened early warning and monitoring, and strictly carried out 24-hour duty for emergency to prevent information backflow. The second is integrating the emergency response team, revising the highway snow removal and ice prevention plan, and further improving the ability of emergency prevention and response. Thirdly, anti-skid sand has been placed in advance on key bridges and sections of trunk roads, and about 2900 tons of anti-skid materials such as industrial salt and snow melting agent have been replenished and reserved. 66 sets of snow removal equipment such as snow shovels and sweepers have been tested and maintained, so as to ensure the sufficient materials and their good mechanical performance.