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Huai'an Installs the New Signs with the Logo of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park

Recently, the old signs in the scenic spots in Huai'an such as Qingjiang Sluice, Zhongzhou Island, Confucian Temple, Imperial Wharf, Chuxiu Garden, and Qingyan Garden were replaced with new ones with the logo of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park. The replacement has been finished in the core exhibition park of the Qingjiang Gate and the core exhibition park of the Governor's Water Transport Office.

The Grand Canal National Cultural Park is a key national cultural project involving many cities along the Grand Canal. To construct Huai'an into a landmark city along the Grand Canal cultural belt, different departments of Huai'an government follow the philosophy of cultural tradition preservation, ecological protection and economic development in the construction of this project. The construction has started in five core exhibition parks (Qingkou Hub, Hongze Lake Levee, Qingjiang Sluice, Governor's Water Transport Office, Sizhou City Ruins), three exhibition belts (The Lee Canal, Gaojiayan Levee, and Huaihe Estuary of Tongji River) and ten exhibition spots with special characteristics (Banzha Park, Huai'an Water Conservancy Project, Guishan Imperial Wharf Site, etc).