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680 Huai'an Old Residential Areas to be Transformed in the 14th Five-year Plan

At present, the transformation work of old residential areas in Huai'an has achieved remarkable results and it will continue in the future, bringing greater welfare to the public.

The old residential areas (including single residential building) were constructed in the city or county earlier, out of maintenance and management, and with imperfect municipal accessory facilities and community service facilities. According to statistics, there are 1,058 old residential areas built before the end of 2000, with a construction area of 12.78 million square meters. Since 2013, the city has carried out the transformation of the areas. By November 2020, a total of 913 residential areas of 23.2 million square meters have been reconstructed, with a total investment of 1.19 billion yuan. Among them, 517 old residential districts built before the end of 2000 have been transformed. Along with the increasing number, the quality of area transformation in Huai'an has also been improved year by year. Before 2017, three standards were provided which were basic, improved and upgraded levels respectively and from 2018 to 2020, the areas have been transformed according to the star level.

Later Huai'an municipal housing and construction department will prepare the reconstruction plan of old residential areas in accordance with "the 14th Five-year Plan". It will organically combine the old community reconstruction with urban area renewal, integrated community construction and green community, so as to set up a beautiful and livable demonstration site. During "the 14th Five-year Plan", Huai'an plans to transform 680 old residential areas of total 8.02 million square meters, of which 104 areas in 1.78 million square meters are to be transformed in 2021, with a total investment of 439 million yuan.