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Enriching Huai'an People with Rural Revitalization

In recent years, Huai'an has insisted on taking various measures to transform its farmers' single income into diversified ones. It has also focused on making its planting and breeding industry much greater and farmers' main incomes more stable. Meanwhile, agricultural parks have been established to benefit them with work nearby and wage incomes. More asset incomes have been achieved through the reform of property right system, as well as the beneficial mechanisms of land management right and investment, in the modes of "Company + Base + Farmer", "Company + Cooperative (Family Farm) + Farmer" and so on. The per capita disposable income of rural residents in the city has been increasing for many years, reaching 18,567 yuan in 2019 and expected to exceed 20,000 yuan this year.

Industrial parks are important carriers of innovation and employment of rural residence. Highlighting the leadership of industries in the construction of parks, Huai'an has set up more than 10 edible fungus industrial parks such as Huaixiang and Zishan. At the same time, a number of platforms, such as Matou National Agricultural Science and Technology Park in Huaiyin District, Provincial Asparagus Featured Agricultural Products Area in Lianshui District, and Nanzha Modern Fishery Park in Huai'an District, while gathering industries, absorb much employment and entrepreneurship of nearby farmers. According to statistics, the city's 15 agricultural parks at or above the provincial level alone have created 127,500 jobs with an annual per capita income of 26,300 yuan. This year, Xuyi National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park was successfully established with crayfish as its leading industry, driving 200,000 employees.