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Huai'an Normalizes the Construction of Convenient Service Sites During the Epidemic

Since the first half of this year, affected by the epidemic outbreak, Huai'an Urban Management Bureau has practically guided counties and districts to promote the construction of a number of convenient service sites. Prominent problems of street market and road occupation have been gradually solved, our urban environment has been greatly improved, and the urban management power has been enhanced through the employment of difficult groups.

First of all, specifications of the sites are unified. At each site, there are awnings and stalls all in blue and booth cars with uniform size and color. Sanitation facilities such as garbage cans are updated. Secondly, standardized management is implemented at the same time. On the basis of original convenient service sites, stalls that used to occupy the road are appropriately rearranged according to the actual needs. The Bureau signs management agreements with the vendors requiring them to operate in accordance with the specified time, place, size and scope of the project. The third is reducing the cost of road occupation. The rent of small and medium-sized and micro enterprises and individual business households has been reduced. Huaiyin District has deduced the 3-month service fee of nearly 500,000 yuan for more than 50 stalls on Xiba and Luoyang Road, and Jinhu County has returned the occupation fee of 93,100 yuan.