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Huai'an Airport Port Passed the Acceptance Check of Core Competence Construction in Public Health

From November 3 to 4, the General Administration of Customs appointed a supervision group to inspect the core competence building of public health at Huai'an Airport.

Through report listening, on-the-spot inspection, materials consulting and other forms, the supervision group carried out an overall check on 18 major projects, including infectious disease prevention and control, food and drinking water safety, vector prevention and control, solid and liquid waste treatment, medical first aid and health supervision. It is found that since Huai'an Airport passed the national acceptance in January 2015, the construction of its core public health competence has been further improved, so it successfully passed the inspection this time.

Through the check and acceptance, the ability of epidemic prevention and emergency response at Huai'an Class I Air Port will be further improved, laying a solid foundation for the development of Huai'an's export-oriented economy.