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Huai'an Promoted the Economic Growth of the Development Zones and Parks

In the past few years, Huai'an government has taken effective measures to consolidate the construction of the development zones and parks in Huai'an. The focus was laid on the transformation and upgrading, the transformation of the development mode and the optimization of economic structure.

First, Huai'an government tried to accelerate the implementation of projects by advancing the development of the leading industries, introducing large foreign investment projects, and guaranteeing received foreign capital. From January to September, foreign investment in the development zones and parks reached USD 510 million, a year-on-year increase of 6.2%, accounting for 81.6% of the total of Huai'an. Second, they strived to stabilize the basic foreign trade market, strengthen accurate service to the key foreign trade enterprises, and implement preferential policies for enterprises. From January to September, the import and export of the development zones and parks accounts for more than 90% of the total of Huai'an. Third, they focused on mechanism innovation and learned from the construction and reform experience of Jiangsu Pilot Free Trade Zone. In addition, they also implemented the reform of regional assessment, and promoted the reform of approval mode, and optimized the business environment of the park.