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The Emergency Support System for Key Events First Applied in the Food Expo

To ensure the efficient, smooth, and orderly handling of emergencies during China (Huai'an) International Food Expo, Huai'an optimized and upgraded the comprehensive application platform of emergency management and initiated the emergency support system for major events. It is the first time that this system is applied to support major activities in Huai'an. The application of intelligent technologies makes this system smoother and more convenient.

The emergency support system for key events has been put into operation recently. This system using high-point probes and UAVs, can collect information about the venue and the surrounding environment of the Food Expo and create a three-dimensional model and an internal plan of the venue. It also includes an emergency command flow chart and an organizational structure consisting of 19 working groups with heads, liaison personnel, and contact information. In case of emergencies, the persons in charge can be immediately identified in this chart and then contacted through real-time communication systems such as voice intercom, instant messaging, mobile video, teleconference, etc.

To implement the new requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control and guarantee the emergency support of the Food Expo, Huai'an compiled The Overall Emergency Plan of the Third China (Huai'an) International Food Expo. This year, Huai'an tries to build a safety emergency guarantee network by changing the traditional way of thought, creating new methods, and drawing lessons from the successful experience of previous years.