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Huai'an Food Expo Provides Strong Guarantee for Increasing Agricultural Productivity and Farmers' Income

When the 7th National Poverty Relief Day is approaching, the 3rd China (Huai'an) International Food Expo is held in Huai'an, injecting a strong impetus to the poverty alleviation in China. As a large city of food industry with a scale of 100 billion, Huai'an has successfully held two consecutive food expos, exhibiting various local agricultural and sideline products from Huai'an and all over the country. Newly emerging forms such as network influencers, special live streaming, production and marketing docking not only make Huai'an "local stars" more popular, but also open up the whole chain for them "from seeds to chopsticks". Therefore, the strong guarantee for agricultural productivity and farmers' income has been provided.

Huai'an Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has carefully organized and guided more than 50 agricultural enterprises in the city to participate in this year's Food Expo. Many Huai'an high-quality and characteristic agricultural products once again gathered in the exhibition area of "Huai'an Taste" and became the "local stars". In addition to Huai'an agricultural and sideline products, others such as Xinjiang jujube, Northeast fungus, Liaoning sea-buckthorn also appeared at the exhibition.

This year, Internet technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence were used to accurately release relevant information, attracting tens of millions of online buyers and sellers to the online exhibition platforms. Through interaction online, accurate marketing as well as special procurement information release and negotiation activities onsite, the precise docking between buyers and sellers has been achieved for further exchanges and cooperation in the whole food industry.

As a key agricultural city, Huai'an owns unique climatic, geographical and ecological resources, and multiple high-quality characteristic agricultural products. Holding the two food expos has brought the city with 63 cooperation projects, more than 200 million online visitors, over 30 billion yuan of total investment, as well as great intangible influence in the food industry. In recent years, Huai'an has encouraged its brand owners to co-develop their branded production bases of agricultural products through various forms such as leasing, shareholders, trusteeship and orders, establish social service organizations, discover their industrial characteristics, and lengthen their industrial chain and value chain. Meanwhile, the city has made great efforts in driving its farmers to fully integrate into the modern agricultural market, so that they can share more premiums of the brands.