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2.6143 Million Tourists Visited Huai'an in the Eight-Day Holiday

During the national day and the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2020, Huai'an saw 2.6143 million foreign and domestic tourists, generating the ticket revenue of 8.4987 million yuan. A total of 1,034 cultural activities were held in public cultural venues and stations, which attracted 628,000 persons. The statistics indicate that the cultural and tourism market maintains steady growth.

During this holiday, the number of tourists in the scenic spots in Huai'an rebounded, indicating a growing demand for tourism. The travel modes include village tourism, family tourism, and road trips. The number of tourists in the 4A and 5A scenic spots on October 4, 5, 6, and 7 is 121,600, 104,204, 101,705, and 92,028, respectively. The number of tourists in the first seven days increased by 5.46% year on year. Most of the tourists were locals.

To strengthen the containing of COVID-19 and safety management during holidays, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism of Huai'an carried out spot checks on the pandemic prevention and the safety management of cultural tourism markets in seven counties (districts) and three parks. The Safety Supervision Group of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jiangsu inspected the safety management of some key places in Huai'an, such as travel agencies, scenic spots, cultural and Expo venues, cinemas, tourism distribution centers, Internet cafes, and KTVs.