Huai'an China News and Events
A Series of Cultural and Tourism Activities Well Organized in Huai'an to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day

In 2020, when the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, Huai'an Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, together with the administrative departments of culture and tourism in various counties and districts, have carefully planned more than 1,000 activities in culture and tourism, playing a wonderful and lasting "movement" for the masses.

To further promote the creation of high-quality literary and art works, and follow the pace of the times and the aspirations of the people, public cultural service units at all levels in the city will launch 14 fine art performances and organize nearly 30 mass cultural activities such as special events for public welfare, community tours and open days. They will also plan and hold more than 10 cultural expos, and a number of mass celebrations in combination with local intangible cultural heritage. At the same time, nearly 20 scenic spots in Huai’an will carry out special tourism activities such as parent-child interaction and preferential for consumption during the festival.

Through the series of cultural and tourism activities, Huai'an people can feel the beautiful scenery, taste the delicious food, experience the culture and life in the joyous and peaceful atmosphere of the festival, and deeply realize the charm of our water city with eco-cultural tourism.